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The Department for Works and Pensions

Help from the Department of Works and pensions is available to help towards the funeral costs, if you are on a low income and receiving certain benefits and tax credits. How much you qualify for depends on your individual circumstances.


The Funeral Payment can help pay towards the following:

  • Burial fees and exclusive rights to burial in a particular plot

  • Cremation fees

  • Doctor’s Fees

  • Up to £700 towards the funeral director’s fees

  • The costs for moving the body within the UK – but only for the part of the journey that’s over 50 miles


If the person who died had a pre-paid funeral plan, you’ll only get help for items not covered by the plan.

To apply for a payment towards the funeral you must be the partner, parent, children or close relative/friend of the deceased.

To be eligible for a claim you must apply within three months of the funeral date, you can apply by filling in a form online or over the phone.

Please note this is the maximum amount that they will contribute towards the funeral, unfortunately they cannot pay for the full funeral costs. Please see the Department of Works and Pensions website for further information

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