Pre-Paid Funerals

Golden Charter Pre-paid Funeral Plans

We offer a range of funeral plans that deliver peace of mind for you and your family. Golden Charter plans allow easy and accessible funding options that are flexible to your financial situation. Planning and paying for the costs of your funeral director’s services in advance means you get the funeral you want and you are helping to relieve your family of the financial strain that funerals can often cause.


What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a secure and cost-effective way of ensuring that your funeral is arranged and your funeral director’s services included in your plan are paid for at today’s prices.  It is a thoughtful way to make thing easier for your family at what will be a distressing time. You will have arranged everything in advance: chosen your funeral director, specified your wishes and taken care of the cost of the funeral director’s services.

Avoid rising funeral costs

Taking a decision now to plan for your funeral and to cover funeral costs at today’s prices is a sound financial decision. The cost of a funeral is dependent on the type of funeral you wish to have and any extras you would like to include.  The average cost of a basic funeral here in the UK is £4,417, which is currently at an all-time high and has increased by 3.4% since 2018.* A funeral plan from Golden Charter lets you fix the cost of your funeral director’s services included in your plan at today’s prices. There will be nothing more to pay for these services, no matter how much costs rise.


Planning your arrangements

You can choose from a number of plan options to match your budget and preferences, and specify particular requirements within those options. You can decide everything in advance if you wish, down to the kind of music you would like. If these did involve extra costs, you may be able to add these on to the total cost of your plan. **


Security and Simplicity

When you take out a funeral plan, you have the reassurance that your money is protected. Your money is either paid into the Golden Charter Trust or to a UK-based life assurance company for the fixed monthly payment option to ensure that whatever happens, there will be sufficient funds available for your funeral to take place as specified – providing protection against inflation and rising costs.

Taking out a plan is a simple and thoughtful way to provide for your family and take care of things you would prefer not to pass on after you have gone, such as funeral director service costs and the stress of making detailed arrangements. Instead, you give your family the comfort and reassurance that they are carrying out your specific wishes.

If you would like to arrange a digital meeting, a meeting at your home, our office, or any convenient location to discuss a funeral plan with Ashley or Paul with no obligation please call us. 








* SunLife Cost of Dying Report, 2020.

**except where you choose to pay by the fixed monthly payment option